Tuesday, July 19, 2011


These are poems I have written (just two of many more) and I decided to put them as wallpapers. I like "Fallen Son" better since it came much later then the one on Eowyn, but I hope you enjoy them both. You can find more of my writings at http://happyinnature.blogspot.com/ .



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  1. I absolutely LOVE these - and I like The Fallen Son more, but still.

    I want to thank you. I stumbled across these when I found them set to music and videos on youtube, and they inspired me to start writing poetry - specifically poetry for Lord of the Rings. Since then, I've written tons of poems on a myriad of subjects, but you were the one who began my journey. Thank you so much. Hantanyel órenyallo!

    But I first look this up for a reason. If I remember right, there were a few other LOTR videos - tributes to Gandalf, Aragorn, Galadriel, and the Elves in general - that I greatly admired and have wanted to see again. If you had nothing to do with this, then I apologize, and must put it out of my mind. I enjoyed those videos, and if you have any idea where they went or how I can find them; I would greatly appreciate that.

    Once again, thank you. I don't know if ou'll ever read this, but I still want you to know just what a difference you made in my life.